Chany D’Amelio

Chany D’Amelio of Ogilvy: Being On The Wave Festival Jury Makes Me Proud
Manuela Walfenzao|26 de marzo de 2019

Chany D’Amelio, VP creative services at Ogilvy Mexico, will be one of the 18 jurors at the upcoming Wave Festival being held in Rio de Janeiro between May 27-29, 2019, to honor the best creativity in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market.

“So proud to be part of the jury at the Wave Festival,” he wrote, because “that’s where the best ideas from Latin America and the Hispanic market are judged. It’s the festival that precedes Cannes and somehow predicts what may happen in France," D’Amelio said.

He noted that for Ogilvy, known as one of the most creative of international agencies, awards are important because they turn great ideas and talented teamwork with clients into something tangible.

“Awards feed our egos, something every creative has and that spur us to keep doing better. Awards also generate addiction, which is key to keeping our passion alive for an industry as difficult as ours. They strengthen relations with our clients and their trust in us. And, of course, they attract new clients who looking for big ideas and better results," D’Amelio said.