Charo Toledo, writer and producer
Charo Toledo advises in El Vato: Very proud of this production that highlights Latinos and their glamour in the US
Aliana González, Caracas|22 de abril de 2016

Charo Toledo is a writer and producer with a path of more than 15 years in the entertainment industry, recently nominated to the Emmy for the third season of East Los High, original Hulu series, which she produces and writes. She is represented by Uno Productions. She served as an adviser in the production of El Vato (10x60’), made by Boomdog and Endemol Shine Latino for NBCUniverso. “It was conceived for half an hour and NBCUniverso hired me to accompany the team of writers in the process --all of them excellent-- to change the product to a one-hour format. Therefore, I was in charge of overseeing the transformation arch of the characters and adding more drama, as well as balancing it with comedy, which is what the network wanted. I am very proud of this product”, Toledo told PRODU. She explained that El Vato is made with great style, and she believes this is relevant in a society in which it has been hard to show a different angle of Latinos. “In this show, we portray the glamour of regional Mexican music and that is fantastic”, she said. She commented that she worked with the team of writers, led by Jorge Dorantes through Skype, since they are based in Mexico. They had a few marathon meetings there. “We discussed a lot about the characters and their transitions, how they grow or backtrack. Follow the thread of the story and what happens with them”. As for the Emmy nomination, she says she is very excited. "It is the second time the show is nominated".