Chava Cartas, director of Ninis

Chava Cartas director of Ninis: We are starting production process to make a sitcom adhered to the format
Aliana González|26 de marzo de 2019

The production of Ninis, by THR3 Media Group, a sitcom that depicts the life of a group of millennial friends who are in the stage during which they are not studying nor working. With the production of No Idea Entertainment —Luis Vizcaíno, Michelle Vizcaíno and Michel Limón—, directed by Chava Cartas and online production by Jimena Arguelles, it includes the performances of Gonzalo Vega Jr, Natalia Tellez, Jesús Zavala, Ruy Senderos, and Oka Giner. The production started on March 4 and will take up to the end of March to shoot a stage in the second semester of the year.

Luis Vizcaíno explained that they researched a great deal about the American sitcom and counted with the advantage of having a solid group of writers, advice from psicologists and a great deal of previous preparation, thus trying to maintain a tone of very real comedy. "We don´t want slapstick," he insisted. "I have not seen any sitcom like this in my country."

Chava Cartas said that they were not interested in having comedians in the set and none of the actors is a comedian. "I was interested in having fresh kids." He stated that they were aiming to do the format exactly as it is in the US.

Jesús Zavala plays the role of Chestas, and explained that it is a valid stage and that it is not easy for the youngsters that are going through it. Ruy Senderos, who plays the role of Rodri, said that the problem with "ninis" is that they want to be adults without making any efforts nor assuming obligations. For his part, Gonzalo Vega Jr, who plays the role of Morales, explained that something they all have in common is trying to make the least possible effort and managing to achieve what they want.