Marlon Quintero, general director of CIC Media: We are doing a great deal of research on the topic

CIC Media: Fiction project on Frida Khalo´s life
19 de febrero de 2021

The fiction series on the life and art of Frida Khalo, which will be the first project of the strategic alliance between CIC Media with Corporación Frida Kahlo and the singer Carlos Baute to create content related to the character, must start production in the second semester of this year.

“We are going to present the project formally at the end of February or the beginning of March. We are doing a great deal of research on the topic. There are a few organizations interested in it already," commented Marlon Quintero, general director of CIC Media and leader of the project. Joel Novoa and Marilú Godinez, internationally renowned scriptwriters, are working on the creation and design of the series.

He highlighted that Baute is a key piece of the alliance, “he generated the spark, he is the one who knows the Corporación Frida Kahlo and its main partner, Carlos Dorado”. He mentioned that the plans are not only to make a series but other things around the brand. "This is an extraordinary creative collaboration. I think each piece brings a component to the table," he said.

“The series will be shot in Mexico, in Spanish, and in the languages that come up in Frida's path across the world. The design is very organic, very natural. Friday has broken all the barriers throughout the world with her image, her female empowerment. It is important for us to be faithful to what she represents," he added.

Regarding the other projects, he mentioned they have a slate of projects that soon enter production. "Our fiction slate has become more robust in the last six months, with alliances in the UK and the US," he ended.