La Dama del Corvette premieres on July 16th at 10pm

Cine Mexicano premiere three bold and gripping films in July

14 de julio de 2017

Cine Mexicano announced the network premiere of three uproarious action-packed films that promise to capture the viewer’s attention from beginning to end.

“Cine Mexicano is well-known for its bold and gripping content. I’m confident that these titles are going enjoy great popularity among our audience. Our main goal is to provide unrivaled programming, and this month is not the exception, we have we have put together an exciting collection of films brimming action and unmatched entertainment,” stated Jesús Piñango, director of TV Content Strategy at Olympusat.

The contemporary Mexican movies that will premiere this month on Cine Mexicano are: La Dama del Corvette (7.16.17), Dinero Marcado (7.19.17) and El Candidato (7.23.17).

La Dama del Corvette (July 16th at 10pm), director: Alonso Ortiz Lara with Norma Calix, Eliseo Flores, Reynaldo Huerta and Eliazar Sánchez. La Dama del Corvette follows the story of Aurora, a beautiful but deadly woman who works as a hitman for a powerful gangster. Her greed has no limit and gains her a widespread reputation, earning her the name The Lady of the Corvette.

Dinero Marcado (July 19th at 10pm), director: Juan Carlos Martín with Manuel Ojeda, Javier de la Vega and Ricardo Ivars. Dinero Marcado narrates the story of a talented police detective who dreams of making his city a better place to live. However, the need of taking care of his family, forced him to steal from the mafia. Now, he must rely in his training and abilities if he wishes to survive..

El Candidato (July 23rd at 10pm), director: Juan Carlos Martín with Manuel Ojeda, Javier de la Vega and Emilio Hernández. The film narrates the story of Federal agent Víctor who seeks to bring to an end a horrible network of women trafficking led by a corrupt and powerful politician called Mr. Serrano.