Mi Error fue Conocerte on Cine Mexicano

Cine Mexicano will premiere the movie Mi Error fue Conocerte this Sunday 5th at 10pm
02 de junio de 2016

Olympusat, Inc. announces the premiere of the movie Mi Error fue Conocerte on Cine Mexicano this coming Sunday 5th at 10pm. The film from 2015 is a melodrama in the genre of ranchera, which uses a lot of popular songs to emphasize romance and drama. The story is about a peasant family with two children. One of them does not like working. Yet he falls for the daughter of the richest landowner in the region, a presumptuous young woman who likes a life of luxury and fakes a newfound interest in him. When law enforcement officials, in the midst of an open investigation, see them together, they attempt to unravel the tangled skein of a crime. Mi Error fue Conocerte is a Producciones Montiel production, directed by Javier Cruz Osorio, starring Emilio Montiel, Víctor Calderón, Lissette Turrubiates, Darwing Espinoza, Rossy Muñoz and Jesús Rodríguez. Musical performances by Chuy Ramírez, Iván Fernández and Benito Luna are an integral component of this film. Cine Mexicano is carried nationwide across all major operators, except DISH Latino.