Daniel Rodríguez, Cineflix Rights: There’s a huge demand for high-quality scripted and factual content across a range of genres

Cineflix Rights: LatAm continues to provide strong growth with established players launching AVOD and SVOD as well as new OTTs coming on stream
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|15 de septiembre de 2021

Latin America continues to provide strong growth potential for Cineflix Rights with established players launching their own SVOD and AVOD services, as well as new OTT platforms coming on stream.

“There’s a huge demand for high-quality scripted and factual content across a range of genres. We’re also exploring the wealth of content being produced in the region and how it can be sold as finished shows or adapted for the international market.,” said Daniel Rodríguez, Hispanic Sales Consultant for Latin America and the US at Cineflix Rights.

According to Rodríguez, Cineflix had a very successful 2020 with multiple scripted title deals, including the new Israeli police corruption series Manayek (10x45 '), Rebecca (8x60'), the French adaptation of Marcella, an international Emmy winner (seasons 1-3, 24x60 '), full-length procedural forensic (seasons 1-3, 26x60') and the supernatural cult series Wynonna Earp (seasons 1-4, 49x60 ').

In factual, sales include the documentary series Coast Guard: Mission Critical (10x60 '), Billion Dollar Mega Mine (1x60'), the true crime series Green River Killer: Hunting the Monster (4x60 '), the cooking series Ainsley's Food We Love (seasons 1-2, 16x60 ') and the high-level story series The Story of Late Night (6x60').

Cineflix Rights is offering for the consideration of buyers in the region Whitstable Pearl (6x45’), the new cozy crime drama series set in an iconic British seaside town. “Along with this, we see great potential for the growing list of Cineflix Rights films produced for Lifetime in the US, including Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey (1x90 '), which garnered a lot of publicity for the real life events behind the movie; Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story (1x90 ') and Ice wine Christmas (1x90').

For Rodríguez, the growing market for free TV in the region will be a priority as they seek to expand their portfolio and increase sales of scripted and factual content available to buyers in Spanish and Portuguese.