El Milagro de Lourdes (Call Me Bernadette) will air on Palm Sunday, March 25 on Cinelatino

Cinelatino and Centroamérica TV to air special religious programming during Holy Week
22 de marzo de 2018

Cinelatino and Centroamérica TV will air special religious programming during Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday.

The variety of holiday specials for the whole family will begin on Sunday, March 25 through Sunday, April 1, on both networks:

Cinelatino will celebrate Semana Santa (“Holy Week”) with a collection of biblically inspired films depicting the miraculous stories of the Holy Scriptures. El Milagro de Lourdes (Call Me Bernadette) and Marcelino Pan y Vino (The Miracle of Marcelino) will premiere on Palm Sunday, March 25, at 9pm. On Thursday, March 29 and Friday March 30, beginning at 8am, and Sunday, April 1, beginning at 7am, families will be able to watch movies like: El Cristo del Océano Las Parábolas de Jesús, María Madre del Hijo de Dios, El Arca de Noé, and El Gran Milagro.

Centroamérica TV will air live special programming highlighting Holy Week traditions and processions from Guatemala beginning on Thursday, March 29, at 3:30pm, with Señor Esquipulas, Holy Week from Mixco, and the Sagrada Devoción, followed by a continuation of the Sagrada Devoción on Holy Friday, March 30, at 5pm.