Los simuladores, produced by SPT, stars Tony Dalton, Arath de la Torre, Rubén Zamora and Alejandro Calva

Cinelatino launches a consumer interactive campaign around Los simuladores
17 de junio de 2010

The Premium Spanish-language movie channel, Cinelatino, is running a consumer interactive campaign throughout the month of June in which viewers have the opportunity to choose their favorite 10 episodes from the dramatic series produced by Sony Pictures Television (SPT) based on the original format from Telefe International, Los simuladores, to air in a marathon on July 4. Filmed entirely in high definition, Los simuladores centers on the adventures of four operatives, trained and prepared to carry out sting operations. Starring four well-known Mexican actors, Tony Dalton, Arath de la Torre, Rubén Zamora, and Alejandro Calva, Los simuladores put their skills to work on solving human-interest conflicts for their clients, including issues such as troubled marriages, dangerous loan sharks, priest scams, assassination plots, swindling agents, and broken hearts, among others. From now through June 30, viewers can log onto {Cinelatino.com} and vote for their favorite episode from the first two seasons. The top 10 episodes with the most votes will air in a final marathon on Sunday, July 4, beginning at 1pm.