Las Aparicio centers around several generations of women searching for a way to break the curse that has haunted their family

Cinelatino premieres Las Aparicio in the US
05 de marzo de 2020

Leading Spanish-language movie network Cinelatino has announced its slate of box office hits scheduled for March, featuring the exclusive U.S. television premiere of the month, Las Aparicio.

The picture, nominated for a Silver Ariel award in 2016 for Best Adapted Screenplay, is an adaptation of the popular Mexican TV series whose plot centers around several generations of women searching for a way to break the curse that has haunted their family for generations. The film’s all-star cast includes Ana de la Reguera, María del Carmen Farias, Liz Gallardo, Iliana Fox, Eréndria Ibarra, and Paulia Gaitan and boasts a storyline focused on female independence and strength – just in time for Women’s History Month.

Cinelatino’s additional exclusive premieres and films for March will include chart-topping and award-winning hits such as 11-time Ariel Nominee La Vida Precoz y Breve de Sabina Rivas (The Precocious and Brief Life of Sabina Rivas), action-packed Mexican thriller Purasangre, and Dominican rom-com and box-office success, Colao (Brewed).

Cinelatino has also announced its special programming for the month, titled Semana Explosiva! (Explosive Action Week!). Kicking off on Monday, March 9, and running through Friday, March 13, the network will air three movies per night, including El Hombre de Negro, Mexican American, El Regreso del Pelavacas, El Error del Comandante, El Padrino (El Padrino: The Latin Godfather) and El Padrino 2 (El Padrino 2: Border Intrusion).

“Latinos love movies, and just like other population segments, they like to see movies that are representative of their cultural nuances, traditions, interests, and humor. As everyone in the entertainment industry is aware, there is a major lack of real Latino representation both on-screen and behind the camera. We are proud to be addressing this pervasive erasure through our programming, ensuring that the entertainment we offer our viewers is not the only representative of Latinos, but also offers them high-quality entertainment with an array of genres that appeals to multi-generational Latino homes and to a variety of tastes within the community,” said Jim McNamara, vice chairman of Hemisphere Media Group.