Más Negro Que La Noche, one of the few Spanish-language horror movies to gain a relatively wide release and promotional budget in the U.S.

Cinelatino premieres Más Negro Que La Noche
29 de octubre de 2019

Cinelatino will pay tribute to Halloween with a slate of spook-tacular titles, including exclusive television access to Más Negro Que La Noche (Darker Than Night) on Thursday, October 31st, beginning at 5:20pm ET/2:20pm PT.

A remake of what is widely considered to be one of the most important Mexican horror films ever made, Más Negro Que La Noche follows along as Greta (Zuria Vega) and three of her closest girlfriends move into the dusty and lavish old mansion Greta has inherited from her eccentric and mysterious aunt (Lucía Guilmáin). Unfortunately, the friends’ modern ways and carelessness unleash a series of vengeance-filled supernatural events and what promised to be the best summer of their lives quickly turns into a chilling struggle for survival.

Featuring a stellar cast including Adriana Louvier, Erendira Ibarra, and Ona Casamiquela, this update on the 1975 Mexican classic by renowned Hitchcockian-screenwriter and director Carlos Enrique Taboada, is also notable for being one of the few Spanish language horror movies to gain relatively wide release and promotional budget in the United States. The network will have various showings of the film throughout the week.

Cinelatino’s spine-tingling lineup will continue on Halloween night with a selection of titles filled with mystery, mischief, suspense, and terror like Jirón de Niebla, Invierno 13, Draculita y Draculero and Exorcismo Documentado.

“We know Latinos love horror—there is a major cultural fascination that has led to a rich tradition of Spanish Language horror films. Many Latinos grow up hearing scary stories about El Cuco, El Chupacabra, and La Llorona, so there is a connection to the supernatural that forms part of who they are as a people, and we are proud to satisfy that craving for terror and the paranormal with an unbeatable Halloween lineup. We look for opportunities to provide a viewing experience that will interest and delight all our audiences, and occasions like Halloween, celebrated and enjoyed by many U.S.-based Latinos, are a perfect time for them to sit back and enjoy some of the most popular Spanish-language horror hits from the comfort of their own homes,” said Jim McNamara, vice chairman of Hemisphere Media Group, Cinelatino’s parent company.