Paramédicos (13x60')

Cinelatino premieres series Paramédicos

26 de abril de 2018

Cinelatino is set to launch the fast-paced Mexican medical drama series Paramédicos on Sunday, April 29, at 10pm ET/7pm PT & 11pm ET/8pm PT.

Inspired by real-life events and experiences from the Mexican Red Cross, the series centers around a group of paramedics who face extreme and unexpected situations during their day-to-day job of saving lives. As the group of new recruits joins the veterans, they are confronted with difficult circumstances that arouse their deepest fears and stir up powerful emotions. While every episode focuses on a specific medical case, the personal and romantic stories of the medical team will dramatically unfold throughout the duration of the must-see three season series.

Paramédicos is a very dynamic and emotionally suspenseful series, which explores the sacrifices and moral dilemmas first responders face when helping victims in Mexico City, one of the most populated and dangerous cities in the world. It tells the real-life stories of the everyday heroes who protect the lives of others, and we are excited to add this new series to our Sunday line-up,” said Jim McNamara, Vice Chairman of Hemisphere Media Group, Inc., Cinelatino’s parent company.

Produced by Mexico’s Canal Once and Lemon Studios, the series features an A-list cast led by Irene Azuela, Raúl Méndez, Marco Treviño, and Luis Arrieta.

Following the premiere, the 13-episode first season will air every Sunday on the network’s Domingo Estelar block.