Diego Cantillo, executive director of Cinestress

Cinestress: We have created an audiovisual production network to cater to US Hispanic clients

12 de noviembre de 2015

Through representations and alliances with production companies in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and mainly Colombia, Diego Cantillo, executive director of Cinestress, has tapped into his abilities and vast experience as an executive producer to create an audiovisual production network from his headquarters in South Florida. “Through this network, I offer clients and advertisers in the Hispanic market the possibility of producing their TV commercials and contents in several countries in Latin America”, he explained to PRODU. Thanks to this asset, HBO Latino recently ordered the executive production of the promo for their original series El Hipnotizador, entirely produced in Uruguay with the production company Oriental Films, one of the companies represented by Cantillo. He said that in Chile, with Cine Tiempo Films, they created the image campaign for Jugos Tropical, Florida Bebidas´ flagship brand in Costa Rica. He added that in Colombia and Peru, the production companies that have partnered with them are Cloc Producciones and Cine70, respectively. He said that in Argentina, projects are ordered to Vertigo Films, and operations in Central America are handled through La Comuna Directores Asociados.