The poster design made by by Félix Zilinskas, guest artist for the 2021 edition

Circulo Creativo USA opens invitations to U.S. Hispanic Young Lions Competitions
Liz Unamo|27 de marzo de 2021

The 2021 edition of the U.S. Hispanic Young Lions Competitions will be made up of two categories: Digital and Film, both sponsored by Facebook. From March 29 to April 7, applications will be accepted only for creative teams whose members are 30 years old and younger, and who work at a U.S. Hispanic agency or on a Hispanic account.

“The winning team will get a Young Lions Competitions Digital Pass that includes participation in the virtual LIONS Digital/Film Young Lions competition and will take part as the USA Hispanic team with access to Cannes Lions LIVE and LIONS membership for one year,” said Francisco Vargas, treasurer/senior advisor of Círculo Creativo USA, after warning that the prize could be subject to changes.

Details of the competition were announced on the webinar U.S. Hispanic Young Lions Competitions 2021, moderated by Vargas.

For further information check here for details of the competition.

The experience
Maddy Kramer, co-founder of inVisiBle Creative and regional co-leader in New York of Circulo Creativo USA, spoke of her experience in the 2014 U.S. Hispanic Young Lions. “Though we didn’t win at Cannes, I believe the experience of being there and taking part really helped us and opened a lot of doors to us. It also gave me the chance to meet people who have helped me go places with my career,” she said.

Graphics for the meeting of the 2021 edition of U.S. Hispanic Young Lions was handled by Venezuelan artist Felix Zilinskas, CEO of Jiuston Advertising in Barcelona. “Everything was connected. The design tried to show how fusion occurs between two people and that the most outstanding idea the two come up with creates a unique opportunity.”

Vargas said the design for this prize-awarding event is left up to the plastic artists invited. “Every year we invite a new artist to create the poster for the event, and that poster also serves as the certificate for the winners.”