Natalia Fridman

Creative Circle USA and top lawyer offer creatives advice on immigration
06 de agosto de 2020

Members of the Creative Circle USA and the lawyer specializing in immigration, Natalia Fridman, shared a webinar on Thursday, August 6, dedicated to giving advertising creatives advice on the best visa and green card options, how the latest executive orders can affect immigration, and what is best to bear in mind amid the pandemic when venturing into the immigration process.

Fridman said immigration into the U.S. remains open despite the Covid-19 pandemic and that visas continue to be issued to be stamped in the migrants’ home countries. "The problem we have is that U.S. embassies remain closed in almost all of Latin America,” she added. “When they open, creatives will be able to go get their visas stamped. Unless the creatives were on vacation and were trapped by the coronavirus or want to change their status in the U.S., they can do it, but must do so in their country of origin when the embassies open."

President Trump suspended the following visas until December 31: J1, L1, H1 and green cards that were being processed abroad. But the Creative Circle USA has arranged three ways to help creatives get a job. The first is a job exchange to help creatives find work in the U.S. Another is for people unemployed due to Covid-19, and the third is an international employment exchange in collaboration with the different Creative Circles of Ibero-America.