Ciro Sarmiento

Ciro Sarmiento of Dieste: Labeling Hispanics As An “Immense Minority” is a General Market Mindset

23 de julio de 2019

For Dieste CCO Ciro Sarmiento, the words that define the 2019 Culture Marketing Council (CMC) annual conference held in Dallas between June 10-12, are “culture” and “immense minority.”

"What the CMC conference tries to do each year is to showcase the key people, brands, agencies and partners who genuinely believe that culture is what drives this country more than data, which, however important, does not tell stories that engage the target audience".

Growth of the Latino demographic has changed brands’ attitude towards the segment. Sarmiento said that though this group is a majority, being constantly labeled as an "immense minority" reflects a "mindset of the General Market (GM) at a time when our industry is really making an impact beyond the Hispanic segment".

He stressed how important it is to consider what is happening in the country and that brands must realize that Hispanic culture is a real. "The CMC key for GM brands is to understand that culture dictates how to connect with target audiences".