Ciro Sarmiento

Ciro Sarmiento of Dieste: We’re a Local Agency With Global Thinkers

Liz Unamo|19 de mayo de 2019

According to Dieste CCO Ciro Sarmiento, the transformation of the Hispanic market into a multicultural one has created new challenges linked to the talent itself but not particularly related to the culture. "If I ask art directors at Dieste what their long-term professional goals are, they will say they want to be the best ADs in the country, not the best Hispanic ADs in the country," he said. "And I think that many of us reflect in our work what is happening in the U.S. through our political points of view, our religious lacks and our heritage."

He noted that this interconnected social fabric is unlimited: "The truth is that this country is more diverse than ever before and the general market is not determined by skin color, geography or country of origin. As an agency, Dieste is constantly engaged in outreach. We like to think of ourselves as a local agency with global thinkers who access geotargeted audiences with universal truths."

Sarmiento's statement will appear in PRODU´s annual report in the 2019 Cannes Lions Daily News to be published during the event.

Dieste's entries in the festival this year are Altuve Quits for DIRECTV and Donald Book Club for The Wild Detectives bookstore.

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