Adriana Cisneros, CEO of Cisneros

Cisneros and Hyper Island bring digital mindset to Miami
16 de abril de 2015

Thanks to high demand, global creative business school Hyper Island is preparing its first intensive three-day master class in Miami. In partnership with Cisneros, they will give people and companies in the area the opportunity to get up to speed on the digital evolution and how the changing landscape directly affects their industries. Hyper Island brings to Miami its master class Digital Acceleration from May 11 to May 13th at Cisneros Studios (7321 NW 75th Street, Miami, FL 33166). “There is not a week that passes that I don’t realize what a positive impact Hyper Island has had on me and how it has helped me leapfrog my knowledge. The Miami marketplace is hungry to know more about digital disruption, and I look forward to this partnership helping to get a lot of leaders up to speed and up to date on all things digital,” stated Adriana Cisneros, CEO of Cisneros. “Our aim is to empower people and organizations to see, understand and act on the opportunities created by the digital evolution. Disruption will hit us all, it doesn’t matter what industry you are in. When we face it head-on, we’re better prepared with the mindset to see opportunities rather than threats,” stated Johanna Frelin, CEO of Hyper Island. Miami-based strategist, Heather LeFevre is invited as a senior speaker to the master class. “Living in Miami, it's incredible to see the entrepreneurial energy blossoming here. Miami has a lot of momentum for embracing disruption and all the opportunities that come with that. It’s critical to never stop learning.” Hyper Island, a global company born in Sweden, has educated and equipped executives and organizations with the tools to master business for almost 20 years. The master class, Digital Acceleration, is a three-day intensive workshop designed to empower participants with a deeper understanding of today's digital landscape, what emerging trends are impacting society today and in the near future, and how they can prepare to take advantage of and lead the change. More info. {}