Carlos Cabrera, VP of Sales, Pay TV, Cisneros Media

Cisneros Media: Demand for quality video and content continues to be the trend
Maribel Ramos-Weiner / Miryana Márquez|21 de septiembre de 2022

“Everything is increasing, video consumption is increasing, and now we have to work harder because we need content on the platforms and keep creating. The trend is that quality video and content continue to be in demand,” said Carlos Cabrera, VP of Sales, Pay TV, Cisneros Media.

He said that in a certain way, the pandemic helped them to launch new products such as Novelísima, which in addition to being an open channel in 122 US cities also exists as a FAST channel available on “three important streaming platforms” such as Canela, another in Brazil and more to be announced soon.

They continue adding content to the VePlus channel, which has had an outstanding performance because it is quality content. “When people talk about entertainment, scripted, talk shows, they think that the value of entertainment is more important than where it's from. That is why you see many Venezuelan telenovelas that work abroad, Mexican telenovelas working in the south, and Argentine comedies working everywhere. It's the entertainment value of that kind of content," Cabrera said.

By 2023 they will be launching some new talk shows now in pre-production in order to reinforce the variety slot. "To add to what we already offer on the channel, where we have new variety programs."

In his opinion, the talk show is a genre that continues to grow in the audience, although people continue to watch telenovelas. Regarding Mobius, he mentioned that they are working on some agreements and also the part related to AVOD with the library “that we have in Cinnamon, Roku, Pluto.”