María Benel and Ailing Zubizarreta from Cisneros Media´s MobiusLab Kids

Cisneros Media: Mobius LabKids with five projects in parallel and three in development in the pipeline
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|29 de julio de 2022

Cisneros Media's Mobius LabKids unit is on a growth sprint according to Ailing Zubizarreta, VP of Content and Creative Services at Cisneros Media, Mobius LabKids and Mobius Lab. The unit is currently working on five projects in parallel (two of them in full production), plus three that are under development in the pipeline.

“As a children's unit we have had significant growth, always fulfilling the mission of creating properties with a purpose and aligned with the company's values: diversity, inclusion, family and children's emotional health. These are extremely important for us”, highlighted Zubizarreta.

DinoPop (52x5’) for Peacock, is one of their properties, scheduled to be released in 2023. “Right now we are the only company in the world that is doing a project of this magnitude, totally on unreel. We have been working for more than a year and feel super happy, with a very satisfied client. We are going to be introducing for the first time three new dinosaurs never seen before thanks to our paleontologist advisor, Diego Pol, who is among the 15 best in his field in the world” he explained.

They also have in stock a musical mindfulness in motion project (52x11’). “It's a preschool property, which we're developing with the writer Carmen Grinberg; the musical director, David Cabrera, who is the musical director of Ricky Martin and has worked with J-Lo and with Springsteen, he is also a certified musical mindfulness coach. We also have a great character developer for the properties, Rayner Alencar” he commented.

Another property in development is Pat Patagonia, “where we are going to highlight a part of the world to which the field of animation has never been taken, neither for adults nor for children. It is a universal story about action, adventure, friendship, the hardships of adolescence, growing up, paranormal activity, treasures and a lot of mystery. It is in the pre-sale phase and has a great team of writers like Mat Doll (DinoPop) and Karen Greenberg, who is heading the project. "We have a fantastic children's consultant, who is a former Netflix executive that we can't reveal yet."

MobiusLab Kids also has another “very ambitious project with a line of legacy toys that we plan to bring to animation, it is a legacy IP that we hope will come to life and we are in the midst of negotiations”.