Jonathan Blum, president of Cisneros Media

Cisneros Media: Mobius.Lab very active during the pandemic
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|26 de mayo de 2020

Cisneros Media is actively working on all their units and Mobius.Lab is showing several developments generated during the pandemic.

Mobius.Lab, continuing with the strategy of development of their IP for later distribution, ended the production of AnimalFanPedia (26x11’). “We have used this time to partner with distribution companies in different parts of the world with exclusive rights and that way ensure that this project reaches everywhere" explains Jonathan Blum, president of Cisneros Media.

The agreements that have already been signed include Zoland (Southeast Asia) and Distribution 360 (US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand) and working with two more to cover other territories. “They are companies specialized in a determined target that is the model we are implementing,” he added.

They additionally closed the Zumbar project (26x5’) with ViacomCBS in LatAm para Noggin of Nick Jr. “It is ideal since, with the model we have in Mobius, where most of the products do not demand live shootings, it enables working continuously" he comments.

During the juncture, they are using this time to develop products and have sealed two important alliances: one for animated adult content, in which the agreement covers placing on-screen and financing, and the second for children`s content. "We are using this time to create the greatest possible amount of content," explained Blum.

Additionally, they finalized an agreement with a pay-TV channel for a 45-minute special on how the pandemic is being faced in different countries in Latin America. The program that debuts between June and July, has great support from the alliance with Getty Images and their image archive.