Marcello Coltro, EVP of Content Distribution at Cisneros Media

Cisneros Media: We relaunched VePlus TV as VePlus with a new graphic package and authenticated VePlus Go OTT

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|16 de febrero de 2017

In the context of Andina Link, Cisneros Media will present the relaunching of their pan regional pay TV signal, VePlus TV, that will now be called VePlus, with a new graphic package, HD feed and an authenticated OTT, VePlus Go.

“This is a spectacular project by Carlos Cabrera, our director of Pay TV Affiliates. Ailing Zubizarreta, executive creative director, helped us create the graphic package and logo. The agency that brought the new image was View Point Creative from the US,” commented Marcello Coltro, EVP of Content Distribution at Cisneros Media. He added that for the relaunching, they are having the debut of two new original and exclusive shows in the channel: Te Tocó a Ti, with Osmel Souza; and Palabra Final.

Coltro also mentioned the new pay TV channel, Venevision, launched on the Cox Latino Pak platform in Hispanic US. “We decided to keep the brand Venevision, because it is incredibly powerful and immediately recognized by clients. We will soon announce more distribution agreements,” he stated.

Regarding OTT, he said they consolidated with Netflix the launch of Super Genius as a second window in the US, after debuting on Univision, and additionally placed DeMente Criminal and a Medialand package from Brazil.

He added that Mobius.Lab Productions, that has existed now for 14 months and has offices in Miami and Caracas, already represents 35% of the division´s income. “This is a huge success that comes from Cisnero Media. Mobius.Lab Productions is one of the most successful business models we have created in the last few years and that has changed Cisneros Media Distribution´s relation with the market.”

He ended saying that all these changes are the result of teamwork and incorporate the vision Johnathan Blum has been developing for two years.