Andrés Nieto, director of Claro Sports for Latin America

Claro Sports: We have produced around 4,700 hours of live content this year

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|20 de noviembre de 2018

Claro Sports will end 2019 with around 4,700 hours of live content. 

“In the four years I have been in the company, we have become content producers and generators. This year we generated almost 4,700 hours of live content, we launched additional channels for multisports and improved our Claro Sports app exponentially, launching in Colombia and in Argentina during the World Cup,” expresses enthusiastically Andrés Nieto, director of Claro Sports for Latin America.

He added that the digital effort the group is making through the alliance with Marca is “very important,” so much so that they have specialized sites for Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico.

“We strengthened the relationship with Facebook, where we have content that generates important results such as the Drone Champions League. Mexican wrestling is also doing very well in digital. A lot of what cannot be hosted on the linear channel is placed on the online channel Marca Claro and also on Facebook Live. The entire thing is a test and we are taking a moderate risk, but with very good results,” he mentioned.

He added that 2019 can be a difficult year in terms of advertising, penetration, and tuning because some economies are going to have an effect on performance.

US Hispanic is delivering a great deal of content to Nuestra Visión: Mexican women's soccer, the newscast Deportes en Claro (from 8 to 10am), the opinion programs Marca Claro and the evening newscasts, among others.