Javier Anaya, director of Original Productions at Claro Video

Claro Video: El Rey Del Valle is part of our strategy of opening to original and innovative content
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|28 de agosto de 2018

El Rey Del Valle is the new co-production by Claro Video with Sony Pictures Television, in which, through comedy, they cover the topic of “Mirreyes” (millennials that don't work or study), with touches of drug dealing, that will be launched on Thursday August 23, in the aim to strengthen the strategy of original and innovative contents, to be complemented with the story of Porfirio Rubirosa in an alliance with 11:11 Films.

“The key part of our strategy is to look for and be open to new contents. As a company, we don't have the pedigree that other production companies do, but we have a very strong tech component, and we generate contents and partner with production companies," explained explicó Javier Anaya, Director of Original Productions at Claro Video.

He highlighted the job done with El Rey del Valle, in co-production with Sony Pictures Television, “with whom we have worked for a long time licensing and acquiring content for our platform. In this case, we were thrilled to make a shift in narcoseries through comedy, making a bit of fun of this evil we are suffering, combined with the Mirreyes, these millennials with peculiar features”.

He announced there will be two seasons, the second one will be launched at the beginning of 2019, and he mentioned they are already preparing the series Porfirio Rubirosa, in co-production with 11:11Films, that will depict the life of this character, known for serving as an inspiration to create James Bond.