Javier Anaya of Claro video: Claramente differentiates us from other platforms and from TV and entertains our audience

Claro video: Claramente differentiates us from competitors
Aliana González, Mexico City|15 de noviembre de 2019

To offer products that differentiates them from other platforms and from television and that entertains their audience are the two mission that, according to Javier Anaya, sub-director of Original Production at Claro video, achieve with Claramente (12x30´), the sitcom produced by 11:11 Films and written by Punta Fina, that had its debut on Thursday, November 14.

“What we want is to find this type of story that is entertaining and Claramente manages that. For this it is necessary to look for the talent, the scripts and the stories that refresh the screen and that enables us to offer something entirely different. What we want are more eyes that go to Claro video,” said Anaya.

The series stars Carolina Miranda (Clara) and Alejandro de la Madrid (Emiliano), with a cast formed by Adriana Montes de Oca (Eleonora), Laura Vieira (Gaby), Mauricio Barrientos “Diablito” (Roque), Arturo Caslo (Pablo) and the first actors Silvia Mariscal (Matilde) and Otto Sirgo (Lázaro).

Claramente is a love story with many office entanglements in the magazine Lama that is going through bankruptcy after years of success. Clara Díaz, granddaughter of the owners of the magazine is a reporter that can read the minds of all men except Emiliano, the magazine´s new editor-in-chief.

Carolina Miranda stated being very enthusiastic over this being the first comedy she takes part in, while Alejandro de la Madrid explained that her character is probably the most normal one, who does not know if he entered an office or an asylum. Claramente, according to the actors, will not only make the audience laugh, but made them laugh throughout the entire shooting.

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