Claudia Romo-Edelman

Claudia Romo-Edelman from We All are Human: We need to make the Cannes Festival of Creativity a platform for Hispanics
01 de julio de 2019

Claudia Romo-Edelman, founder of We Are All Human, shared her second experience as jury of the Sustainable Development Goals, in a post on LinkedIn titled, How Can Creative Industries Change Perception of Hispanics? “I got the chance to see first-hand many powerful ideas from the most creative minds in the world, and the best of it was that all had one purpose: advance in the Sustainable Development Goals, which means progress!”

Together with the jury members she realized that corporations are stepping up to do more, but they need to do more. "I can’t count with my both hands how many entries I saw about the LGBTQ community, about disabilities, autism, AIDS, you name it. How many entries do you think I saw about Hispanics? None" she sentenced.

She pointed out that Hispanics have less than 1% of representation in TV programming, less than 5% in overall media representation. “We are not enough on screen and when we are on screen we are badly represented. --What can the creative industry do to change this? ” she wondered.
First of all, she advised, we need to make the Cannes Festival of Creativity a platform for Hispanics. “Representation has a lot more implications than we think, the way we perceive ourselves and are perceived by others matters, and matters a lot”.

Second of all, sign the Hispanic Promise. “This is really THE platform for your corporation to get ahead, to start having true representation and change perception within corporations”.