Ana Piñeres, VP and executive producer at CMO Producciones

CMO Producciones celebrating 20 years
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|18 de febrero de 2020

CMO Producciones, the property of Clara María Ochoa and Ana Piñeres, celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020 with cocktail parties, the start of the shooting of a film and a co-production in Mexico.

“We have several celebrations prepared for the entire year. Along with cocktail parties, we will launch La Venganza de Analía on the screen of Caracol Televisión. We will start the shooting this first semester of the film El Rey de la Montaña, opera prima of the Colombian director Camilo Vega,” commented Ana Piñeres, VP and executive producer at CMO Producciones.

For the second semester, they will be in Mexico making a large film, in co-production. "We, as the project´s leading production company have an important talent quota," adds Piñeres.

Additionally, announced the executive, there will be surprises with the brand, they will present new services to the industry and reveal the alliances that are being developed.