Eduardo Suárez: Miami enables the Atlanta studios to have content of even higher quality

CNN en Español: Miami is beginning to have more relevance on the production of our channel
07 de diciembre de 2010

(Maribel Ramos-Weiner). For the new VP of Programming at CNN en Español, Eduardo Suárez, it was only logical that Miami would start having greater relevance within the structure of the Hispanic news channel. “Miami is a meeting point between the U.S. and all the Latin American capitals and all kinds of personalities and experts come through it. This enables the Atlanta studios to have content of even higher quality. Atlanta will still house the main studios and will still run all the complex production, assisted by our bureaus throughout the U.S. and Latin America,” said Suárez to PRODU. Suárez indicated that the Miami studios, located on Brickell Key, are producing a few shows in a staggered fashion; among them the news magazine NotiMujer, and Cala, the Hispanic version of Larry King. The executive points out that one of his challenges is to forge strategic alliances, perhaps through open-air TV channels, to provide them with CNN en Español programming. “My job, within the limitations of a news channel, is to create new commercial tools so that the sales department has more flexibility,” added Suárez.