A Trip with Fidel will be presented on November 5th to press in New York City at a private function at the Time Warner Center

CNN en Español's original production A Trip with Fidel premieres on November 8
29 de octubre de 2015

CNN en Español presents the documentary A Trip with Fidel, an original network production for the new series DocuFilms. In this short film, the audience will be able to witness rarely seen footage recorded by Jon Alpert, who was the first American journalist traveling on a private plane with the commander, when Fidel Castro flew from Cuba to the United Nations (UN) in 1979. The documentary will air on CNN en Español on Sunday, November 8th at 8pm. The Cuban leader travelled to New York to deliver a speech at the UN headquarters as a president of the Organization of Non-Aligned Countries. Castro himself tells how he was the one who authorized Alpert to travel within the presidential entourage. Thirty-six years after that visit, CNN en Español audiences will see journalist Jon Alpert recalling all of these events beginning with the departure from Cuba alongside Fidel Castro, the arrival in New York, to an incident with the Department of Immigration in the United States which angered the Cuban President, the preparation of his speech, the address to the General Assembly and to his return to Havana. Frank Wales, who was Castro’s translator on that trip, was an eyewitness to everything that happened between Alpert and the President in those days which is featured in the documentary. Speaking about the documentary, CNN en Español VP of Programming Eduardo Suárez, who directed and produced the documentary, said: "Since the beginning of the revolution and following their first attempts of attacks, the private image of Fidel Castro was always a state secret, and this documentary is a parenthesis mostly never before seen”. The documentary debuted October 1st at the Cineteca de Madrid and was transmitted to the European public by TCM Spain. Next November 5th it will be presented to press in New York City at a private function at the Time Warner Center, and the documentary will be air on CNN en Español on November 8th in the United States and Latin America.