Izzy González, Director Cross Platform Sales, CNN en Español

CNNE: Audience targeting and branded content more important than ever
01 de junio de 2017

“With today’s technology, audience targeting and branded content are more important than ever to our advertisers’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). CNN en Español understands these needs and continues to overdeliver with our advanced solutions that include a proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP), our social optimization capability Launchpad, which leverages social insights to reach an advertiser’s target audience on social media, and our in-house branded content studio Courageous, to name a few,” comments Izzy González, Director Cross Platform Sales, CNN en Español.

González comments that advertisers in the Financial, Automotive and Retail fields are their fastest growing categories.

As examples of advertisers with whom they have made innovative initiatives he mentioned RAM ProMaster from Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles. “Last year we started an experiential platform with them in which we created two digital mobile studios, unique in the industry. One in Los Angeles and the other in Miami. These mobile studios participates in events like the Super Bowl, NCAA and Hispanic Heritage, and the client has been so successful that he renewed for 2017-2018,” he said.

González mentioned that the future seems to aim at programmatic sales and that for this they are working with Google and Rubicon’s AdX.

He highlighted that they are about to launch their TV Everywhere app before Q3 2017, and that they are expanding their podcast business while they continue to prepare for the launch of OTT service.

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