Cynthia Hudson of CNN en Español: Focused on producing exclusive and original documentaries, at least some 33 per year

CNNE bets on exclusive and original documentaries
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|29 de octubre de 2019

CNN en Español will continue focused on producing exclusive and original documentaries, at least some 33 per year, such as El Chapo: Los Dos Rostros De Un Capo, to be aired in November and some others for 2020.

“Additionally, we continue insisting on exclusive interview programs with the most important celebrities in the region with Camilo, Longobardi, Choque de Opiniones, Oppenheimer and Conclusiones,” comments Cynthia Hudson, SVP and General Manager of CNN en Español and Hispanic Strategy for CNN/U.S.

Hudson recalled that they continue with the production of exclusive programs on the struggle against discrimination in the Americas under the Projecto: Ser Humano. The signal is also expanding the production of human profile reports in mini-documentary format, such as what is seen in the program Nuestro Mundo.

She added that they maintain their bet on regional coverage and the ability to cover facts in real-time on TV, digital and social networks.

Consulted on this year’s balance, Hudson expressed they have managed to strengthen the bet on news produced from two key markets in Latin America: Mexico and Buenos Aires. “We are strengthening our multi-platform domain in Argentina with TV, digital and now radio that is a true 360º. We believe that the model could be replicated in some other countries and will continue evaluating options. US Elections are relevant for the entire region and we aim to be leaders with our coverage in these elections,” she emphasized.

As keys of CNN en Español’s success in the Hispanic pay-TV market, Hudson feels that channels that handle immediacies, such as news and sports, are the great beneficiaries of the digital revolution, therefore, they are looking at their growth in the market positively, and finding ways to reach larger audiences in it.