Marcel Vinay, CEO of Comarex

Comarex: Mexico reasserts at Mipcom its position as a content producer

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|02 de octubre de 2014

After Roberto Romagnoli, VP of Production and Entertainment of Azteca, announced that telenovelas and entertainment would be Azteca’s main offering at Mipcom, Marcel Vinay, CEO of Comarex, Azteca’s distribution arm, confirmed this offer includes programs like La Academia Kids, and the new story Wepa. “We’re bringing to Mipcom the telenovelas Las Bravo, Siempre Tuya… Acapulco (120x60’), Así En El Barrio Como En El Cielo, and Wepa, the remake of the successful story Como En El Cine, produced by Azteca 13 years ago, and which will soon premiere in Mexico. On entertainment and formats we have La Academia Kids, Soy Tu Doble and Sexos En Guerra,” said Vinay. He added that being the country of honor speaks to the important role Mexico plays internationally: “where we’ve been strong content producers for many years, not just of telenovelas, but also entertainment series which have traveled to over 150 countries, as is the case of La Academia Kids and Lo Que Callamos Las Mujeres. Azteca continues to be focused on offering quality series such as La Teniente and Drenaje Profundo.” In regards to Comarex’s original formats such as Kitchen Of Fame, reality competitions, Vinay said the outlook is positive: “We have several countries interested and we hope to make more progress at Mipcom and come back home with great news about these products.”