Javier Garcia, senior VP, Multicultural Services, Comcast Cable

Comcast has launched Xfinity Latino segments for bicultural families
23 de febrero de 2017

Comcast has made some changes to the Xfinity Latino Entertainment Channel (XLEC) to meet the evolving needs and interests of bicultural Latino customers.

The channel now features more original content and segments such as Para la Familia, Cine en Casa, and En la Cancha. They interweave culturally-relevant entertainment content with options and tips to help Hispanic customers take advantage of Comcast’s innovative products and services.

XLEC is co-anchored by Veronica Allis and Tommy Florez alongside a team of internationally correspondents that includes Veronica Rasquin, Francisco Cáceres, and Carlos Rausseo.

It is produced at its newly minted studios in Denver and Miami, as well as on location, its content is refreshed every Monday and is available on TV, Xfinity On Demand and on the Xfinity Stream app and web portal.

“I’m very excited that our customers can now access up-beat, informative, and engaging content on the device of their choice,” said Javier Garcia, senior VP, Multicultural Services, Comcast Cable. “Not only can viewers enjoy the channel’s new look, new talent and new content that touches upon all of their passion points, they’ll also enjoy having so many options of when and how they want to watch it.”