Brian Roberts from Comcast will renounce to his salary while the coronavirus crisis lasts

Comcast, NBCU and Sky´s top executives to donate salaries
14 de abril de 2020

The president and CEO of Comcast, Brian Roberts, announced through a statement that he and other high executives of companies belonging to Comcast, such as Sky and NBCUniversal, will renounce to their salaries while the coronavirus crisis lasts, and will donate to those who need it the most in order to be able to face the pandemic.

The executives who will donate their salaries are Mike Cavanagh, CFO from Comcast; Dave Watson, Head of Comcast Cable; Jeremy Darroch, CEO of Sky; and Jeff Shell, CEO of NBCUniversal. Additionally, he added that the company has allocated US$500 million to continue making payments of salaries and benefits to all the employees that are suffering the current economic consequences.

In 2018, Roberts earned US$3.2 million in base salary and a total of US$35 million with bonuses and benefits. Cavanagh made US$2 million in salary and more than US$21 million in compensations. For his part, Watson obtained an income of US$1.5 million in salary and almost US$15 million including bonuses. The information on Shell´s income and salary has not yet been made public since he was promoted to CEO of NBCUniversal last December.