Matt Strauss, EVP, Xfinity Services at Comcast Cable

Comcast will move ahead with the beta launch of Xfinity Instant TV
26 de septiembre de 2017

According to Multichannel News, Comcast will move ahead with the launch of Xfinity Instant TV beta version over the next two weeks. This is an IP-delivered skinny video package targeted initially to broadband customers.

The major broadcast networks include in the package are ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, Telemundo, Unimas and Univision.

"Xfinity Instant TV, a service initially created for Comcast customers who also get high-speed Internet service from the company, doesn’t include national cable networks like ESPN, AMC, A&E and Disney Channel in the core package, but subscribers can get them by selecting and buying from a mix of add-on packages that span genres such as Entertainment and Sports and News," said the publication.

"While we talk about importance of mobile-first, what we found is that, even for millennials, the television is important,” commented Matt Strauss, EVP, Xfinity Services at Comcast Cable. “And people still default to the best screen that's available to them.”

Xfinity Instant TV is not an OTT video offering that is delivered to the home over the public Internet. "However, when Xfinity Instant TV subs are away from home, the service’s mobile-focused app will revert to one that is internet-delivered and allows access to content (live and VOD) with TV Everywhere rights, as well as a customer's cloud DVR recordings".

Strauss added: “In many ways it might have the characteristics of an OTT offering, but it's still being delivered as a more of a traditional bundle of services.”