Carlos Bardasano, W Studios: It´s lucky that with each project we have sharpened the production team like an ax

Como Tú No Hay 2 historical launch
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|28 de febrero de 2020

Carlos Bardasano, president of W Studios and executive producer of Televisa´s Como Tú No Hay 2, assured that even though he was surprised to have a historical launch on Las Estrellas, the production has a winning formula: a great story, passion, and teamwork.

“It´s lucky that with each project we have sharpened the production team like an ax. It is the founding team of Amar a Muerte, Rubí and El Dragón and it is already family. On the other hand, this is a stellar cast and the audience has shown its fondness for Adrián (Uribe). We continue to work hand in hand with Lemon Studios and Billy Rovzar. He is a wonderful partner for this and all the projects," he said.

Bardasano explained that Como Tú No Hay Dos is born from a dream to work with the protagonist Adrián Uribe: “A couple of years ago we saw him in a project that was not comedy and we were surprised with his capabilities. Now, in the quest for the perfect story that conjugated his histrionic facets, this one appeared". Based on El Príncipe y el Mendigo, the original story was written by Delita Betancourt and Roberto Stopelllo, together with Ximena Suárez and her team for scripts. It is directed by Carlos Cock and Luis Manzo.

“I am personally very happy with this story. We have just made action, intense drama, crime, dense stories. Reading scripts that entertain, that could be watched as a family. The audience is also asking for that. It is a change of cycle, a window to seek fantasy work and receive something very fresh, pleasant before bedtime. In Televisa and Las Estrellas there are very successful producers in the genre, we had a very high set bar. Making people laugh is harder than making them cry, but it is also rewarding" he concluded.

Como Tú No Hay 2 was the most successful debut of primetime on Las Estrellas this year so far, on Monday, February 24 at 8:30pm and was also the best figure of a fiction from Monday to Friday in all 2019: 4.15 million Total TV Viewers (P4+) and 1.4 million Adults 19-54, according to Nielsen IBOPE Mexico. In its prelaunch on digital it also attained record figures, with more than one million views only on Facebook.