The last episode of Caracol TV´s Ana´s Revenge reached 15.7 rating points and a 44.8 share in Colombia

Conclusion of Ana's Revenge broke audience records
07 de julio de 2020

Caracol Television´s hit series Ana´s Revenge ended its broadcast in Colombia last Friday, July 3rd, with amazing audience figures. The last episode reached 15.7 rating points and a 44.8 share. Additionally, the production led Colombia´s 20 most viewed shows ranking, according to Kantar Ibope, confirming the series´ success throughout its broadcast, during which it was permanently trending on social media.

Ana’s Revenge tells the story of Ana Guerrero, a young and beautiful woman, who decides to take revenge on her mother’s killer, the presidential candidate Guillermo Leon Mejía. On her path to revenge, Ana will have to come across facts that will challenge her decision, but she will meet women who have experienced similar situations and decides to make justice in the name of all the victims.

Juana Uribe, Caracol Television’s Channel VP commented and Showrunner of Ana’s Revenge: "We could not be prouder of this series and the results it has shown on screen. With a new genre for our audiences, the connection the characters had with the public was incredible and the tension rose with each episode, something we had not seen in a long time. A great story, universal and modern. Wonderful performances and impeccable implementation. Ana’s Revenge leaves us very satisfied and motivates us to continue producing stories with our allies of CMO Producciones. I am certain that the series will be well received on its international journey that will start very soon".

Lisette Osorio, Caracol Television´s International Sales VP commented: “We have produced a success story in which we highlight a feminine character, who has become an inspiration for all women in our country, by confronting a political apparatus by herself, to reveal a truth that threatens the government. We are certain this production will captivate the international audience with its modern and seductive narrative that presents a very important subject: female empowerment".

Produced by CMO Producciones for Caracol Television, the series stars the famous actress and Miss Universe runner-up Carolina Gómez, Marlon Moreno (Without Breasts There Is No Paradise) and George Slebi (The Labyrinth).