Billy Rovzar and Alejandro “El Patas” Lozano, Lemon Studios and, Francisco Ramos, Netflix discussed the role of the showrunner

Consolidating the trade with experience
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|25 de junio de 2020

“The showrunner creates the concept for a series and is who makes sure it is carried out” that is how Alejandro “El Patas” Lozano, showrunner of Control Z and executive producer of Lemon Studios, defined this recent figure in LatAm, but who has acquired relevance in the last few years after the arrival of platforms and the protagonism of series. Together with Billy Rovzar, co-creator of the certification El ABC del Showrunner, producer and CEO of Lemon Studios, along with Francisco Ramos, VP Original Contents for Latin America and Spain at Netflix, were part of the panel El Streaming No Se Detiene: el Arte del Showrunner of the Centro Institution.

They agreed on that practice is essential for aspiring showrunners. Rovzar summarized it: “There is no small job. If you are invited to serve coffee in a writers´ room, take it” Ramos spoke about “consolidating the business” and knowing how to write, whereas Lozano expressed: “You must know how to ask and communicate your ideas to the experts in each area”.

Ramos stated that on Control z, as in other success cases, the local seal is essential: “The local story is what differentiates us, but it is also what unites us. No one is more trained to tell Mexican stories than Mexicans,” after confirming that they will continue investing in Mexico and the region, and their work was to find the best stories and those who could tell them in each country to turn them into their partners.

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