Pay-TV operators should deliver the content when and where the customer wants it

Content personalization and delivery efficiency are essential to monetizing TV Everywhere
08 de julio de 2011

(Maribel Ramos-Weiner). The Webinar “Monetization through personalization in a multi-screen world,” organized by Communications Technology and Openet, contended that in order to generate profits in a TV Everywhere environment, it is necessary to personalize content and provide efficient delivery. Andrew D´Souza, Software Architect at the Office of the CTO of Openet, said all indicators point to an increase in consumption of over-the-top content and streaming video. He said some of the differentiating elements pay-TV operators should offer their customers are allowing them to control content personalization, and stepping away from the linear model by delivering content when and where the customer wants it. “For this to work, it is important for the viewer experience to be timely, efficient and high-quality. User privacy and the use of social media to maintain interactivity are also very important,” added D´Souza. He also said that in order to take advantage of all the data gathered through tablets and mobile devices, it is necessary to develop new measurement tools. “Personalization, interactivity and dynamism, allow for the monetization of this platform,” he added. “The challenge for the cable operator is to have an infrastructure capable of delivering cross-platform content and providing real-time authentication. Are cable operators ready for this? Not in many cases. Many of them currently operate under a different system,” said D´Souza, adding that operators need flexible systems capable of adapting quickly. Keith Kirkman, President and CEO of Orbitel Communications, a small cable operator in Arizona, said that in order for them to offer a non-linear VOD system they had to launch an IP video service. “This created unlimited content space and much lower costs compared to linear VOD. We also included an authentication system in an IPTV environment along with its invoicing. We did not have to create a new one,” he added.