Salma Jalife, from the SCT, said they have a plan to help operators in the deployment of networks

Convergencia Show begins with a summon for investment in networks in Mexico
Camen Pizano, Mexico City|12 de julio de 2019

The Convergencia Show was inaugurated with the presence of outstanding actors in the telecommunications industry. During the opening ceremony, voices united around four axes: the quest for conditions to attract more private investment in telecommunications to help the operating members of the ATM and that way connect 45 million Mexicans, diversification of businesses with the use of digitalization and drive adoption of new technologies.

Rafael Val, general director of the event, highlighted that the show has grown in the last few years when other exhibitions have tended to decrease. "This is due to two reasons: the interest in the Mexican market and permanent support to exhibitors and partners, as well as the interest of participants."

For her part, Salma Jalife, in charge of the Subsecretariat of Communications and Technological Development at the SCT, highlighted that the governmental goal is to develop public policies that help operators generate connectivity and dynamize the digital transformation: "We are facing stronger volumes in terms of data delivery, latency and delivery to networks as a consequence of new applications and new technologies. For that, we will provide the development of high-speed networks that seek to develop broadcast networks in the medium term and we will manage public policies for the deployment of network development, as well as generate campaigns with local governors to sensitize on topics of connectivity needs".