Eckehardt Von Damm, CEO of Corazón Films present in the Guadalajara Film Festival

Corazón Films: We hope to close the year with 17 films in distribution
Vanessa Maldonado, Guadalajara|15 de junio de 2022

Eckehardt Von Damm, CEO of Corazón Films was present at the 37th edition of the Guadalajara Film Festival, where he explained that they are seeking to end the year with around 17 films in the distribution area, highlighting the prequel of Juegos del Hambre and the fourth part of John Wick, in addition to announcing the titles of the films they have in production such as Killer Babes, as well as the second of four that are part of the agreement with Amazon Prime and the third season of Juego de las Llaves.

“We are always looking for some content, although our core business is the distribution of foreign films, such as the Lionsgate product with whom we have a direct deal, we also buy films together with partners from Brazil, Chile, and the United States as well as other markets around the world to distribute throughout Latin America. However, the distribution of Mexican films has always been very important. Part of our philosophy is to get involved in this cinema and to serve as a platform for it, in addition to the interest in co-financing, co-production, and total production" he commented.

The executive assured that 2022 has been a complicated year, gradually resuming production and distribution, after two years of the total impact on the industry with the arrival of the pandemic: "In 2020 we had a list of 34 films, of which only 7 premiered: 2 or 3 before the pandemic and the following four in the worse conditions, it was a very hard year. We had to sell the four recently produced Mexican films we had directly to platforms, skipping the movie theater window".

As for the catalog they currently have in Distribution, he mentioned that they will close the year with 17 films, and for 2023 they have a broad slide: “This year we have the fourth part of John Wick, programmed for 2021, in addition to the prequel of Juegos del Hambre for November. Regarding original production, we just finished producing Killer Babes with Itatí Cantoral, Paty Manterola, Alicia Machado and Lucía Méndez. We are shooting a second film of the contract we have with Amazon Prime originals for the platform, with whom we have an agreement to produce five titles; we finished Cuarentones with Adal Ramones and are preparing projects to have around 4 films a year that would go to movie theaters".

Finally, he said they are already working on the second and third seasons of the series Mi Tío with José Eduardo Debez, as well as the production of the third season of El Juego de las Llaves.