Álex Corral, president of Corral 360 and creator of the series
Corral 360: Started production of the series Los Cowboys for Hulu in the U.S.
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|10 de julio de 2014

Los Angeles production house Corral 360 is producing for Hulu in the U.S. a half-hour reality show in English entitled Los Cowboys (10x30’), about the world of ‘Charrería’ or Mexican rodeo. “The series targets Hispanic millennials, an audience that does not frequent the large Spanish-language networks like Univisión or Telemundo. Millennials are hard to reach, but we’ve observed they are always online and thought Hulu would be the ideal platform,” told PRODU Álex Corral, president of Corral 360 and creator of the series. Emiliano Calemzuk, formerly of Shine and FOX, joined the company as partner because he has worked with Corral and recognizes his talent. “Álex represents a generation of young entrepreneurs in the Latino audiovisual industry that I think has a bright future,” said Calemzuk. Corral was interested in producing for Hispanic millennials because it’s a demographic that is sought out by advertisers and there are limited opportunities to reach them through traditional media. “Brands are looking for alternatives to get their messages to consumers. There is no better way to integrate a brand than an original series and Hulu allows us to do just this,” said Corral. Ram trucks are integrated into the series through a deal with agency Lightning Strikes Entertainment. Los Cowboys kicked off production this month and will premiere on Hulu in October.