Alejandro Corral, president of Corral 360
Corral 360: We want to develop quality content that speaks to Hispanic audiences and Los Cowboys is one of those contents
Vanessa Maldonado, Miami Beach|24 de febrero de 2015

Los Cowboys is the new production by Corral 360, a company headed by Alejandro Corral, who spoke to PRODU about this new reality series that is broadcast through the Hulu platform, which tells the story of the life of a family devoted to the charrería, Mexico's national sport, in Los Angeles, California, as well as depicting the double life Latins have in the USA. "The reality series is based on a charros association and how families practice charrería, Mexico's national sport. We follow them day after day in this activity, we show how their normal lives in the USA are, but we also want to show the double life of many Latins in this country, said Corral. The executive added that the new way to consume contents is on OTT platforms such as Netflix, HBO Go or Hulu, where primetime is 24 hours a day: "You consume it everywhere, at whatever time you want to. Hulu is a great quality platform and we, as Corral 360, work to develop quality content that speaks to Hispanic audiences". It is noteworthy that Los Cowboys counted on the support of brands such as Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge, and Lucas Oil. Jeff Cvengros was one of the producers, as well as Alejandro Corral.