Alexis Estiz and Michel Gondry

Alexis Estiz of Pickle Music: Cows Menu is a brave Burger King campaign
20 de julio de 2020

Burger King continues to rely on its 100-percent natural products and now, with its new Cows Menu campaign, seeks to help solve part of the climate-change problem by offering burgers from cows raised on a diet that reduces their methane emissions (flatulence and burps)..

Creativity was the responsibility of the We Believers agency, famed director Michel Gondry was in charge of the shoot, while the music was orchestrated by Pickle Music NY and its founder, CCO and composer Alexis Estiz.

“Creating the song plus the entire music and audio track at the level required by a video directed by Michel Gondry was a great experience. From the very start, the idea and the entire Cows Menu commercial seemed wonderful to us. The powerful production values made possible by the courage of Burger King and We Believers, together with Michel Gondry and his team, posed a huge challenge,” Estiz said.

He recalled that the two-minute spot features today’s smallest yet biggest country music star, 11-year-old Mason Ramsey.

“The process was complex,” Estiz added. “We first had to write a song that in a very simple way would deal with a complex topic like cows´ atmosphere-polluting flatulence and burps, and the new bovine menu based on lemongrass that was created to combat climate change. To tell our story we also counted on Mason Ramsey, a young country music star who had lately won a special invitation to perform at the 2020 Grammys."

The full production was done between Nashville, Los Angeles and New York. “I traveled to Nashville several times to record with the musicians, and to produce the Mason song there as well. The entire soundtrack was finished later at our Pickle Music studios in New York,” Estiz said.

Michel Gondry directed the shoot during a week in L.A., then Pickle Music worked on the sound design and production while recording the song. “We’re thrilled with the result and some have already written to us saying they can´t get the song out of their heads! Sorry about that, but that was part of the brief!” the composer said.