Creatives in the Multicultural Market Tell Brands To Be Transparent on TikTok
Liz Unamo|20 de marzo de 2020

To TikTok or not TikTok? That is the question creatives and marketing specialists try to answer as they seek an effective way to connect brands with their target audiences. For some who are not sure about how to use this video-sharing social network, it offers advice on how to position the brand on this platform with 500 million users in China, its country of origin, plus 150 million in India and 40 million in the U.S.

Angie Ariza, head of digital at Founders, says that TikTok, being a platform whose current audience consists mainly of young users, advises brands to check their positioning strategy and present themselves with the utmost transparency so they show exactly what they represent. "Brands that appear on TikTok now as early adopters have many advantages, since they will easily stand out from their competitors (because there are not yet many on this platform), and in that way expand the reach of their content” Ariza says.

Another factor to take into account is the platform’s privacy policies. "Brands looking to test the platform should enter with open eyes and be cautious of the potential risk" warns Mike Jones, sponsorship team lead at LERMA.

The platform’s use of influencers who generate content is another resource advertisers can take advantage of. "The type of content will largely depend on the product and the brand. I can see opportunities for minitutorials or fun step-by-step videos. The #challenges and social movements are also appreciated. It is very important for brands to forget about being advertisers, and just do pure entertainment" according to Francisco Sanchez, associate interactive creative director at Zubi.

Alma Agency, after monitoring itself for the last six months, concluded that the TikTok platform concentrates a higher percentage of Hispanic users than any other. "This is very powerful amongst Hispanics because influencer (when genuine and authentic) as well as branded content are the formats that Hispanic audiences trust the most. The industry is still very green in learning how to harness this platform, but it is something to closely consider when connecting with Gen Z’s as they will be our consumer of the future" says Michael Sotelo, VP digital content & experience at Alma.