Mauricio Galván

Mauricio Galvan of Fenton believes a change of gov’t in the U.S. will boost advertising investment
01 de enero de 2021

Mauricio Galvan, EVP creative director of Fenton, believes the newly elected administration in Washington will have more control over the pandemic and that consequently the economy will begin to improve. “I think this will drive ad spend in general, not just in the multicultural or Hispanic market” he said.

For Galvan, the first quarter will stay more or less the same, but "by the second half of the year the Covid-19 situation will begin to change in a generally positive way.”

In his opinion, the Hispanic market has been hit hardest by the pandemic. "Luis Miguel Messianu said he read somewhere that ‘it is false that we are all in the same boat. We’re in the same storm but on very different ships.’ I hope that once this is over, these social inequalities will be so obvious that they will need to be solved.”

“Personally, looking at this with a glass-half-full perspective, I appreciate all the time I was able to spend with my family, which could not have happened under any other circumstances. Professionally, the challenge of starting to work 100-percent remotely forces you to grow and learn to adapt, but the efficiency and magic of working face to face is greatly missed.”