Cristina Littin: We have the capability to work 150 hours a month in Mexico City

Cristina Littin from Universal Cinergía: In the Mexico City headquarters we will process all the premium products

05 de septiembre de 2019

Cristina Littin, Artistic Director of Universal Cinergía spoke of how in this new headquarters "we are going to process the premium product and the product for movie theaters. It has been huge work, that barely four months ago was only an idea, and today it is this, I am very grateful with Gema and Liliam”.

The new headquarters has four dubbing rooms and an Atmos mixing room. "The Atmos technology is the most sophisticated thing we have. It is a room with lots of audio outlets that allow us to listen to the sound in all its dimension, no detail is lost in the mixing and this makes the product richer and allows for quality post-production required in the market nowadays.”

Littin stated that for now, they have the capability of working around 150 hours a month without a problem, only in the Mexico City headquarters. In general, she assured, they have the capability to absorb all the material that is sent to them, since they have studios in Cuernavaca, Miami, París and São Paulo.

“Today, dubbing is not a probability, it is something that has to be done for all the products. And Mexico is the cradle of dubbing. It is a dream for everyone to be here," expressed Littin.