Pizzolante revealed he was working closely with Mario Almeida, PantaYa's director of Content, and Paul Presburger, CEO, on several projects

CTMOBS in #RIEV: PantaYa and Secuoya Studios allowed me to fulfill my dream of becoming a producer
05 de enero de 2022

Sergio Pizzolante, former senior executive of Sony Networks Latin America and former generalmManager of E! Latin America, told Ríchard Izarra LIVE that PantaYa and Secuoya Studios had allowed him to fulfill his dream of becoming a producer.

#RIEV, also included the Spanish David Martínez, director of Fiction at Secuoya Studios, who gave Sergio credit for being the with the ideas behind all the projects that are being developed ("some very close to being materialized") between Spain, Latin America, and the United States, to which called "pan-Latin content."

"Sergio is an important asset for Secuoya, he has also been the link between America and Spain and the promoter of that dream of making pan-Latin productions," said Martínez.

Sergio thanked Martínez for his comments and expressed his gratitude to him and Secuoya for believing and supporting these projects such as El Zorro and others they have on the slate.

He indicated that in addition to Secuoya, he was working closely with Mario Almeida, PantaYa's director of Content, and Paul Presburger, CEO, on several projects that will be announced in due course, however, he revealed that some would go into production in 2022.

Regarding the term Pan-Latin, he explained that it referred to ambitious projects in which producers from Spain, Latin America, and the United States were involved, and used the language (s) where the story takes place. He used Narcos as an example, where the drug dealers spoke in Spanish, while the two of the main characters that played the roles as American DEA agents spoke in their native language, English. "The story in two languages flowed very well because the truth is that people get hooked on a good story, no matter the language.”

Ríchard mentioned that PRODU has covered most of Pizzolante’s career: as an executive of Sony Networks LatAm, as general manager of E! Channel, as a representative of artists, even as an agent and music developer, and asked him if he would now dedicate to production. "Yes," he replied. "But ask me the same thing in two years, because now I consider myself to be in that ´liminal´ stage like when one graduates from university, but you are not a professional yet, but production is definitely my thing," he said.

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