Claudia Romo Edelman

First Hispanic Leadership Summit at United Nations Concludes with Call to Hispanics to Unify, Lead Change as 2020 Nears

13 de diciembre de 2018

More than 350 Hispanic brand managers and agency executives joined forces Monday at the United Nations in New York for the Hispanic Leadership Summit, which aims to pursue a common agenda that will not only benefit the US Latino community but will also help advertisers reach this demographic in a more relevant way.

"We knew a lot about microtrends and the numbers and issues, but we didn’t know the barriers. The one thing we don’t know about is Hispanics themselves,” said Claudia Romo Edelman, who previously worked in the executive office of the UN Secretary General on communications for sustainable development and climate change.

Romo Edelman commissioned an online study with the We Are All Human foundation, which was done by the Zeno Group, to explore the attitudes of US Hispanics toward politics, business, education and personal values.

Almost 80 percent of participants didn’t know their own contributions and strengths, said Romo Edelman, such as not knowing that 86 percent of new businesses over the last 10 years have been launched by Hispanics in the US.

Another insight of the study is that Hispanics are "fragmented at the core…We don’t all speak with the same voice and we don’t have the same habits, but challenges can’t be overcome when fragmented. We need to unify and have a common dream,"" she said.