Luis Enríquez, founder and CEO of Cultura Colectiva

Cultura Colectiva: Our vision is to be industry leaders in Content Technology
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|23 de agosto de 2018

Before writing a press release, in Cultura Colectiva they verify the title with an algorithm and this allows them to predict how many visualizations it is going to have. This is one of the examples Luis Enríquez —founder and CEO of Cultura Colectiva, a technology and content company — uses to account in part for its accelerated growth and how they have managed to empower their creatives.

“Currently, there are two clear industries, technology companies such as Facebook and Google, that have all our data. On the other hand, traditional and digital media companies. There is a new intermediate industry that is Content Technology and our vision is to be the leaders of the proprietary tech industry in the region."

In the future, they will evaluate selling versions of this technology to other media, but meanwhile, it is available for clients through branded content, with specific results regarding return on investment, explained Eduardo Picazo, Marketing director.

This has allowed them to reach in the first semester of the year, the earnings made in the entire 2017, and the forecast that their growth will be 135% by the end of 2018.

Jorge del Villar, Chief Content Officer, highlighted that in the next four years they expect a fourfold increase in growth of the content generation industry, and in this context they have bets with proven success, such as Manual del Amor, their first 100% original series, as well as presenting new digital content bets for this year.

In 2018 they have managed to position themselves as Mexico´s #1 native digital media with vast presence in the region and the US. They have 15.4 million weekly interactions, 36 million followers on social networks have generated $95 million pesos in the first six months of 2018.